Flocking, How it done.


Flocking is the process of coating a surface with fine nylon particles to give a feel like velvet.

It is a soft, durable and colour fast surface that can enhance any car interior.

It can be used to generally brighten the interior, hide/cover repaired modified or damaged parts.


Flock is not a material or fabric stuck to a surface, it is applied as 1mm (generally) strands, electrostaticly.


Step 1


All parts must be thoroughly chemically cleaned of all contaminants ie, grease, silicone, nicotine etc.


Step 2


Items to be flocked are spray coated with a two part, electrically conductive, adhesive, colour matched to the colour of the flock to be applied.


Step 3


Items are flocked.  The item being flocked has an electrical charge applied to it via the adhesive. The flock is applied by a specialist flocking machine which applies an electrical charge of the opposite polarity to the flock to be applied.

The Flock is then attracted to the item to be flocked.


Step 4


Once the item has been completely and thoroughly coated (up to 150,000 strands per square inch) it is placed in a heated curing unit until the adhesive is cured.


Step 5


Once cured any loose strands are removed via air line and vacuum