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Vented head light covers created, made and supplied by the Flock Shop.


Two types are available to suit your own tastes and requirements


Raised and NACA.


The raised type work on the Ram air principle, of forcing additional cold air into the engine bay.  The NACA type, made to strict NACA specification work on a more passive method of drawing in cold air by creating a low pressure zone.

Both types of vented head light cover are made as direct replacements.

The vented head light covers will now be supplied in black gel coat finish and can be left black or repainted in your own required colours.


The mesh can be supplied fitted or loose as per your requirements.

NACA type covers.   £40.00 per side  Raised type  £40.00 per side   Veented lids can be supplied as a pair or as individual items.  Please contact me at for orders or to discuss your requirements.